Deng Haorong: To take the high quality professional development route

Guzhen Rongda Street Lamp Factory, located in the capital of lighting, has a geographical advantage. The company specializes in producing outdoor lamps such as high pole lights, road lights, landscape lights, garden lights, lawn lights, etc.

HC Lighting Network Reporter: Hello, Mr. Deng, thank you for accepting our interview. I saw that your company's booth was very beautifully arranged. What products did Yihang Outdoor Lighting show this year?

Deng Haorong: There are also many products on display, mainly various outdoor lighting, including garden lights, lawn lights, street lights, landscape lights, industrial and mining lamps, new energy-saving lamps and so on. At the exhibition, our company's products were well received by many customers who came here.

HC Lighting Network Reporter: This year is Yihang outdoor lighting to participate in the exhibition several times? Why are you coming to this exhibition?

Deng Haorong: We have come to the Beijing Lighting Exhibition every year and have been participating for eight years. In the course of the previous exhibitions, we felt that the lighting exhibition was a business opportunity, so I came to the exhibition this year. And there are a lot of old customers who are familiar with our Rongda street lights, and some old customers will lead more new customers to see our new products.

HC Lighting Network Reporter: This lighting exhibition not only attracted some domestic buyers to negotiate, but also attracted some foreign buyers. Does Yihang outdoor lighting do online trading?

Deng Haorong: I haven't touched e-commerce yet, but I think it will be a big trend in the future.

HC Lighting Network Reporter: What successful cases have the company ever had, can you briefly introduce it?

Deng Haorong: For example, Mao Zedong Square, the tree lantern of this exhibition is our latest recommended product. We use our products in many engineering and outdoor lighting fields, because the glory has a certain brand influence.


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