Jiangnan Avenue decoration Chongqing's largest LED screen


After the renovation of the facade of Jiangnan Avenue

Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Nan'an District that the district will invest 370 million yuan to renovate Jiangnan Avenue, and strive to make the building facade on both sides of Jiangnan Avenue a new look. It is understood that from the south bridge of the Yangtze River Bridge to all buildings along the four-kilometer interchange, in addition to the newly completed Wanda Plaza, all 39 large buildings will be “beauty”.

Create the city's largest LED screen

According to reports, Jiangnan Avenue is the top priority of this year's main road remediation. The façades of the buildings such as Xiji, Chongbai, Langgao and Xinhua Bookstores in the center of Nanping must be rectified.

The relevant person in charge of the Nan'an District Urban and Rural Construction Committee introduced that the renovation of the facade of the building mainly includes: stone hanging, curtain wall glass, exterior wall imitation stone paint, aluminum alloy grille and so on. In addition, high-definition LED displays will be installed in the buildings such as Xiji, Chongbai, Langgao and Xinhua Bookstores in the center of Nanping. Among them, the West count LED Display is 350 square meters, the wave height is 181 square meters, and the total area of ​​the heavy 100 Led Display Screen is 3,000 square meters.

It is understood that in order to cooperate with the first phase of the reconstruction of the Hundred Buildings, the Hengbai Nanping Shopping Mall, which was settled in the south bank for 13 years, was officially closed for renovation on June 21, 2010. The Nan'an District Government and the company jointly invested more than 30 million yuan. Yuan, closed for a three-month comprehensive renovation. It is estimated that the annual sales of the mall will exceed 280 million yuan. After the transformation, the Hundreds of LED display screens total 3,000 square meters, which is the largest LED display in the city. In September this year, Nanping Heavy 100 will be unveiled, and its exterior wall filled with large LED display will be the biggest highlight.

39 building exterior wall decoration

According to reports, the comprehensive renovation of the main road environment in the Nan'an District has a total area of ​​1.549 million square meters. Among them, Jiangnan Avenue is 880,000 square meters. Among them, the Nanping Industry and Trade Building, once the landmark building of our city, will also be transformed from the inside to the outside, and will be unveiled with a new look.

In addition, the industrial and trade buildings, the Yangtze River Building, and the Economic and Trade Building, which were built in the 1980s, need to be rectified to match the Nanping core business district. At the same time, the appearance of Nanping Bus Station and Jufeng Hotel looks old and requires “facelifting”.

“After the renovation of the 39 old buildings in the center of Nanping, the Nanping business district will be completely renewed.” The relevant person in charge of the Nan'an District Urban and Rural Construction Committee said that according to the plan, before September 30 this year, the renovation of the road lights and roads in Jiangnan and All remediation work will be completed.

To become the main business district of the main city

It is understood that with the completion of the Nanping Transportation Hub project, the completion of the rectification of Jiangnan Avenue not only solves the problem of vehicle congestion in the Nanping Central Business District in the past few years, but also causes the Nanping Central Business District to form a business around the island, allowing Nanping and Jiefangbei. As well as Guanyinqiao business circle together become the three main business districts of the main city.

From the end of this year to the beginning of next year, Jiangnan Avenue will be upgraded. Jiangnan Avenue starts from the south bridge of the Yangtze River Bridge and reaches seven kilometers. The 6.1-kilometre-long and 200-meter-wide avenue will become the longest, widest and most commercial street in the city.

After the rectification, the buildings on both sides of Jiangnan Avenue will be unified in color and appearance. The advertisements on both sides of the avenue are unified planning, all the pipe networks are under the ground, the sidewalks are reconstructed, and the street area utilization, landscape construction, lighting and parking ports are comprehensively remodeled.

It is understood that the Jiangnan Avenue project is designed by the well-known Australian design company TDP, and is in line with international standards, and strives to complete the upgrade in two years.

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