Overseas business affects the future growth of transformers

Overseas business affects the future growth of transformers Overseas business is very important for the future growth of transformers.

Other businesses can also gradually contribute to the company's performance. The base of photovoltaic business is low, and there is still more space in the future. The reserves of the two major coal mining areas, Gobi and Tinggou, the controlling subsidiary of the Xinjiang Tianchi Energy Company, are abundant and may contribute to the company's profitability in the future.

Nanlin Transformer Co., Ltd. initiated additional issuance, plans to raise funds of 3.7 billion yuan, not exceeding 350 million shares, to carry out the construction of ultra-high voltage, UHV AC/DC technology upgrades, and supporting and overseas business projects. The additional issuance in the long term can enhance the competitiveness of the company and extend the company's growth. In the short term, it will dilute the earnings per share to a certain extent.

Investment advice: It is expected that the company's EPS for 2010-2012 will be 1.11 yuan, 1.31 yuan and 1.45 yuan respectively. Taking into account the high base of the company's performance, the growth rate may decline after 2010. Nanlin Transformer will perform a valuation based on the current valuation of the power equipment industry. The target price is 28 yuan, and the rating is maintained as a recommendation.

There are two types of button operations: tap and long press.

Intermediate POWER button

  • Tap: control the switch of the light;
  • Long press: Enter the EZ distribution network status, the blue indicator light flashes quickly, and the distribution network is performed according to the EZ configuration method;
  • Press and hold again when flashing, the AP will be connected to the network. The indicator blinks slowly. In this case, you can configure the network according to the AP configuration method.
Up key

  • Tap: increase the brightness;
  • Long press: Quickly brighten.
Down button
  • Tap: turn down the brightness;
  • Long press: quickly dim.
Blue LED:
  • Indicates the Wi-Fi configuration status: steady on indicates that Wi-Fi is bound, and off means that the device is not connected to Wi-Fi, flashing slowly indicates that it is being configured.

Wifi Lighting Control Touch Switch

Wifi In-wall Dimmer Switch

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